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Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Engineer

  • Install, service and maintain systems and equipment which maintain the quality, temperature and humidity within buildings.
  • Record data when inspecting systems, such as temperature of equipment, fuel consumption and hours of operation.
  • Recover and properly dispose of refrigerants when servicing air conditioning equipment since refrigerants can be harmful to the environment.
  • Analyze, develop and evaluate large-scale, complex systems and to improve and maintaining current systems or create brand new system.
  • Responsible for seven areas: heating, cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying, cleaning, ventilating and effectiveness, according to the blueprint or guide.
  • Knowledge of calculation of heat and cooling balance of building.
  • Essential technical knowledge and understanding of the following:
  • Basic refrigeration cycle
  • Central Duct Air Condition
  • Water Chiller Unit
  • Basic electron and electrical theories, AC/DC currents, single-phase and three-phase circuits and series and parallel circuits.

Audio-Visual Specialist/Engineer

  • Install, operate, maintain and repair equipment used to enhance live events, such as microphones, video recorders, projectors, lighting and sound mixing equipment.
  • Setup and run the sound and video equipment used to conduct live events such as meetings, sports games, business conventions, and concerts.
  • Engage proper communication and outstanding customer service and working relationship with clients.
  • Conduct quality control analysis. The engineer ensure that all connected systems operate at maximum performance. When issues arise, they provide proper troubleshooting and adjust AV systems as required.
  • Troubleshoot and problem-solve equipment malfunction well, even under pressure without showing concern to clients.
  • Performing electronic repair, installation, and maintenance is the job of AV technicians.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control Engineer

  • Liaise with architects and engineers to gather information to start QC/QA tasks.
  • Visit job sites to compile necessary observations.
  • Assist Director and PMs in ensuring the consultants conform to the organization’s quality system procedures as documented.
  • Identify potential issues and redesign product to improve functionality.
  • Ensure final designs comply with regulations and quality standards.
  • Ensure master program is followed and advise for recovery if there are delays.

Civil/Project Engineer

  • Reports to Senior/Project Manager.
  • Provide expertise and direction to the division.
  • Support the Project Manager with the development of major projects; define scope of work for projects; review proposals from consultants; conduct engineering meetings; meet with engineers to resolve problems relevant to assigned projects.
  • Supervise, train and evaluate the performance of professional, technical and clerical staff; prepare work schedules and work assignments; check and correct work in progress and work upon completion.
  • Provide technical oversight necessary in the preparation of preliminary and final plans and specifications for the projects; review work in progress and submit finished products to the Project Manager for approval.
  • Prepare engineering studies and reports on future projects.
  • Plan changes in engineering methods and procedures; attend and participate in conferences and meetings.

Senior Project Manager

  • Reports to Private Projects Director.
  • Lead and manage a team of project managers, engineers and other technical staff.
  • Implement the approved system procedure.
  • Prepare the project budget and identify client requirements.
  • Supervise and approve all technical reports, specifications, drawings, and construction documents.
  • Supervise and coordinate all financial issues related to value engineering, construction and operational performance of contractors and or consultants involved.
  • Supervise and monitor all issues related to project managers and other technical staff performance and training operating within the unit.
  • Implement strategic plans and tasks, besides identifying risk factors.
  • Coordinate and respond to all technical and administrative for directorate correspondence.
  • Prepare project valuations and approvals based on technical recommendations of the Project Managers.


Maintenance Engineer

  • Smooth operation of the Site handled in terms of maintenance and operations of equipment, machineries and maintenance staff.
  • Coordinates well with the in-charge of the properties and with the higher authorities within the area of responsibilities.
  • Handles maintenance staff accordingly.
  • In-charge of safety and health of the maintenance staff.
  • Make sure that the equipment runs smoothly and reliably.