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Chief Financial Officer

  • Reports to the General Manager.
  • Maintain robust systems of internal financial controls in order to safeguard the assets of the company and promote accountability and compliance within the business:
    • Complete monthly Management Accounts checklist and Internal Controls checklist (with General Manager Sign off) and follow up to resolve any issues identified from the checklist.
    • Develop and maintain a Risk Register that identifies the key business risks. The review to be conducted twice a year and shared with the senior management team.
  • Ensure that the financial projections for the company are consistent to the long term strategic targets agreed through the production of robust budgets and forecasts, with the appropriate level of supporting analysis and Management sign off.
  • Ensure that monthly management accounts are produced on time and uploaded to SharePoint
  • Ensure that all necessary financial documents are filed on time with the relevant local authorities, including all taxation regulations
  • Liaise with external and internal auditors to implement the recommendations of the auditors where practical.
  • Proper management of the treasury function to minimize currency exposure
  • Company Assets to be counted and verified on a quarterly basis.
  • Submit suggestions to senior management for any improvements to the operations of the company, etc.

Purchase Coordinator

  • Reports to the Chief Financial Officer.
  • Responsible for the accurate review and proofing of material requisitions received from various Directorates and Central Store for assignment to Section’s Purchase Staff.
  • Maintain high level of accuracy in verifying Purchase Requisitions against the source documents, namely quotations and material requisitions.
  • Initiates the creation of new material data entry in the SAP system to enable procurement of those materials.
  • Conducts initial review of direct invoices and petty cash documents received from Directorate and assigns the relevant expenditure code.
  • Assists Purchasers in resolving problems related to PR creation.
  • Coordinates with Purchase Head in resolving PR/PO discrepancies, supplier delivery and invoice discrepancies.
  • Initiates the creation of service request in the system related to IT – related requirements for Purchase section.