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Operations Director

  • Manage the process to ensure that strong financial and managerial controls are implemented within the company to reduce costs, minimize and/or reduce exposure to risk, protect the company’s assets and improve productivity.
  • Lead the development of the company’s primary business strategy and articulating its periodic business plan in the area of investment management with the key objective of producing appropriate rates of return, whilst minimising financial risks.
  • Lead the process of asset allocation, management of resources and liquidity control to achieve the company’s objectives.
  • Generate investment strategies and ideas as well as sourcing investment transactions on a local, regional and international basis.
  • Oversee the production of monthly reports as well as financial statements and cash flow projections for use by Audit/Finance Committee and presentation of results by CEO to the Board of Directors.
  • Oversee the CFO to ensure seamless generation of financial invoices, money handling procedures, accounting and bank processes of monthly invoices.
  • Compile budgets and deploy strategies to safeguard assets – Controlling costs and introducing tactical initiatives to address any losses.
  • Identify risks and issues on various transactions to safeguard the company’s financial assets.
  • Create an organisation wide business continuity plan.
  • Perform such other tasks as assigned from time to time

Investment Analyst

  • Analyze investment transactions, review financial models, industry/diligence reports, etc.
  • Assist the management committee in analyzing key investment merits, strengths and risks to help guide the committee in making an investment decision.
  • Develop deal-related investor materials (Investment proposals, etc.).
  • Prepare periodic investment reports and quarterly valuations.
  • Develop quarterly material on issues of operational, financial, and strategic importance for the Investments.
  • Co-ordinate with the investee company on all aspects of the investment, including operational, financial, marketing, etc.
  • Support the management team in securing investors for transactions and addressing queries on existing investments.

Analyst/Associate – Corporate Finance

  • Develop quarterly material on issues of operational, financial, and strategic importance for the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board and other executive committees.
  • Develop and maintain the company’s internal financial model and periodically work on the 5-year strategic plan.
  • Develop deal-related investor materials (PPMs, customised investment proposals, exit letters, etc.). Review financial models, industry/diligence reports and work with a variety of teams including deal teams, legal, risk management, etc.
  • Support the investment placement team in securing investor commitments for live deals and addressing investor queries on existing investments.
  • Prepare periodic investment reports and quarterly valuations.
  • Assist the investment committee in analysing key investment merits, strengths and risks to help guide the executive committee in making an investment decision.

Director – Head of MENA Real Estate

  • Reports to the Chief Investment Officer.
  • Working closely with institutional investors and acting as a fund manager for the investors’ real estate investments and identifying single targeted mandates, raising funds and executing the investment.
  • Originate, analyse and structure real estate investments, providing pre-acquisition input and assistance in the due diligence process, including the review of financial and operational assumptions, and supporting the effort of originating and negotiation of debt financing.
  • Model full life cycle financial analysis for each asset from acquisition through disposition.
  • Negotiate with banks, developers and operators for real estate projects.
  • Maximise total return for each assigned asset through the analysis of efficiencies and identifying opportunities for improved performance.
  • Manage cash flow, distribution analysis and investment projections.
  • Develop and distribute periodic reports to investors and other interested parties.