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Director of Projects

  • Reports to Chief Executive Officer
  • Contributes towards the five year annual strategic plans and budgets
  • Monitors project progress according to baselines of time, quality and cost following Key Performance Indicators
  • Reviews and approves work plans and staffing for each phase of the project
  • Supervises the preparation of required project tender documents and all consultants and parties assigned to various projects
  • Coordinates overall quality and management of organization’s projects
  • Verifies that all projects comply with safety and other regulations
  • Manages the main project program in tandem with the overall 5 year strategic plan
  • Implements project management initiatives to ensure that goals and objectives are met (budget / program / quality)

Farm/Agriculture Manager

  • Manage large hydroponics farm with deep understanding of the technology, growing methods for certain fruits and vegetables.
  • Must have strong Management of staff, control of costs.
  • Experience in marketing and logistics of selling produce.

Details of Farm

  • Farm area is 125 Hectares with 10 Hectares of greenhouse installations.
  • Estimated production to be 100 tons per year.
  • Fed via a large desalination (RO) plant.
  • Infrastructure includes; large water storage tanks, Post-harvest facilities, accommodation for staff and offices.
  • Newly built and will be operated, maintained and managed by an outside company for the 1st year and then handed over to this position.

Consultant – IT Security (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing)

  • Cyber Security & Privacy practice
  • Carry out VAPT
  • Conduct web application based VAPT
  • Perform mobile security testing
  • Handle Infrastructure Vulnerability scans, API testing, Micro services testing, and Platform specific testing (e.g. VAPT of AWS, Azure)
  • Experience in conduct of Red Team campaigns

Production & Operations Manager

  • Reports to Asstistant General Manager – Operations.
  • Ensure that all production processes in the Surface Treatment department (powder coating, anodising and packing) are performing efficiently and effectively as per the company business plan.
  • Assess the performance of direct reports and others within the operation.
  • Ensure that the production targets are achieved and exceeded for the annual business plan as approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Ensure that employees and contractors are adequately trained to meet their job requirements and other related skills are maintained.
  • Implement recommendations to improve the production facilities in line with market development and industry benchmarks.
  • Provide input to the production budget for the production and works administration.
  • Ensure that the quality of products meets customers’ expectations and requirements.
  • Recommend investments in new equipment and make improvements in existing processes.
  • Work closely with the maintenance deptartment to ensure an effective maintenance service is being provided to the production operation on a 24/7 basis and all unplanned MDT is addressed and corrected in the timely manner. Ensure routine PMs are carried out as per plan and in the allocated time with minimum disruption to the production operation.
  • Participate in recruitment and be responsible for maintaining good industrial relations in the plant for employees and contractors alike.
  • Participate in the organisation and implementation of adequate health and safety programs as well as housekeeping standards in conjunction with the safety and general services departments.

Sales Manager

  • Reports to the General Manager.
  • Assume overall responsibility for sales of all the Company’s products.
  • Develop detailed short-term and long-term sales plan in line with the company’s mission and goals, objectives and action required to implement these plans.
  • Ensure that budgets, internal targets and annual department objectives, as approved by the General Manager are met.
  • Foresee changes in the market and prepare the Company to lead the market.
  • Open new markets for Company’s products in accordance with the long term goals.
  • Identify potential customers and maintain regular contact with major accounts.
  • Recommend prices and other terms to be offered in the market in order to be competitive.
  • Set targets for Sales Executives and monitor performance.
  • Assist in planning the activities of the sales force, including visits by the sales force to existing as well as potential customers. Frequency of visits, feedback to ensure that these plans are adhered to and key issues are recorded (for future use) and communicated within the Company as necessary. Where necessary, personnel from other departments should accompany the Sales Executive.
  • Ensure that information on Customers is maintained properly and updated regularly.
  • Ensure that Marketing information system to collect and analyze data on Customers, competitors and other information related to the industry is fed to the Marketing and Technical Support function

General Manager

  • Reports to the Chairman and Board of Directors.
  • Ensure that the activities of the company are carried out in accordance with the guidelines and policies and resolutions of the Board of Directors/Executive Committee.
  • Review and approve the Company’s marketing financial, budgetary and administrative plans and procedures prior to their submission to the Executive Committee/Board of Directors for final approval.
  • Develop and recommend long, medium and short term strategies and sales targets for the Company in line with the resolutions taken by the Board of Directors and/or stipulated in the Company’s Articles of Association.
  • Submit monthly/regular reports to the Board of Directors with explanatory notes of variances covering operating results in terms of Sales, Finance, Production and Personnel.
  • Coordinate with other companies or governmental authorities who have relationship with the Company in a way that will improve the relationship for the benefit of attaining the objectives of the Company.
  • Ensure that the Company meets customers’ requirements consistently with proper management information system to monitor demands, prices and market behaviour.
  • Review departmental manager’s suggestions with regard to company’s objectives, departmental and corporate Company policies and approval and implementation of the most appropriate of the above.
  • Monitor the execution of approved budget through the Finance Manager with the objective of managing the company’s efficiency and cost effect.
  • Make recommendations to the Executive Committee/Board of Directors on investments, new product lines and improvement of processes and diversification.

Head – Agriculture Support & Logistics

  • Reports to the maintenance manager.
  • Responsible to provide logistics support to landscape and irrigation maintenance and projects by providing required manpower support, supervising the operation of heavy equipment and transport vehicles for all locations, monitoring maintenance of irrigation systems including pumps and overall supervision of the team.
  • Supervise the control of Red Palm Weevil (date palm pest), implement appropriate control measures and data recording.
  • Supervise the composting of garden waste and processing of waste into compost and deliver back to garden and farms.
  • Supervise the propagation and planting of mangroves.
  • In charge of maintaining sufficient stock of agriculture materials that can be used in projects and maintenance operations.
  • Responsible for the forecasting and estimation of all required equipment and machineries for garden maintenance essential for budget preparation.
  • Involved in market research for new technologies, equipment and systems of landscapes and garden maintenance that can be adopted and implemented for all relevant sites.

Head of Maintenance Projects

  • Reports to the Project Manager.
  • Responsible  for  the  implementation  of  a  routine  garden maintenance  program including a  general  system  on garden maintenance such as periodic fertilisation, cleaning/clearing operations, regular plant cutting and pruning, pest and diseases control and management.
  • Responsible for estimation and forecasting, consolidation and requesting of all materials – fertilisers, plants, seeds, soil inputs tools and equipment used for garden maintenance and farms.
  • Upkeep of maintenance equipment being used in the assigned garden. Developing and implementing a routine maintenance check of all garden equipment.
  • Preparation  of  periodic  reports  on  landscape/garden maintenance  for  the  farms  and  other  assigned  sites  and progress reports on new landscape projects/garden and farm upgrades.

Agriculture Engineer

  • Reports to the head of palace gardens.
  • Responsible for the implementation of a routine garden maintenance program that includes a general system on garden maintenance such as periodic fertilisation, cleaning and clearing operations, regular cutting and pruning, pest and diseases control and management.
  • Responsible for estimation and forecasting, consolidation, and requesting of all materials – fertilisers, plants, seeds, soil inputs tools and equipment’s used for garden maintenance and farms.
  • Upkeep of maintenance equipment being used in the assigned garden. Developing and implementing a routine maintenance check of all garden equipment.
  • Preparation of periodic reports on landscape/garden maintenance for the farms and other assigned sites and progress reports on new landscape projects/garden and farm upgrades.

Chief Financial Officer

  • Reports to the Board of Directors.
  • Supervises, co-ordinates, integrates and monitors financial plans for the Company.  Includes reviewing relevant policies and procedures to ensure effectiveness. Planning and forecasting the financial resources for both long and short terms and planning sources and use of funds.
  • Co-ordinates the preparation of the Company’s annual budget. Includes obtaining relevant information from departments for management approval.
  • Ensures efficiency in operations by planning, establishing and implementing end-to-end financial initiatives and policies.
  • Supervises and co-ordinates the activities of assigned personnel in the accounts department. Performs supervisory duties and exercises authority at the level established by management for the position.
  • Attends board meetings to discuss financial matters involving the Company by preparing the necessary reports.
  • Ensures maximum cost and revenue advantage for the Company with focus on quality and benefits.
  • Signs cheques with unlimited value.
  • Provides overall supervision over the activities of the liquidity, receivable and payable accounts section. Includes ensuring that liquidity is always available and accounts servicing is carried out according to accounts policies and procedures, ensuring follow-up on all outstanding receivables and/or payables is carried out properly.
  • Carries out financial appraisals and investigations such as profitability studies and project funding to be able to forecast the financial position of the Company.