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Bahrain’s personal protection law (PDPL)

Bahrain issued Law 30 of 2018 – the personal data protection law (PDPL) – on 19 July 2018. The PDPL, which comes into effect on 1 August 2019, applies to almost every entity processing personal data. The PDPL will dramatically change the way businesses in Bahrain process personal data. Businesses are required to seek approval before collecting, processing or storing personal data. There are also new rules for how businesses manage data.

The PDPL, in a first for the region, also introduces criminal penalties, with prison terms of up to one year for serious offences.

Keypoint’s data privacy team has deep data privacy and protection experience, having been engaged on a number of projects related to data classification, end-to-end data process reviews and data life cycles. We have also been engaged by clients to implement various information security-related controls.

For more details on how the PDPL will impact your business – and how Keypoint can help assess and mitigate that impact – please download or contact:

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CBB drafts rules on cyber security

In a possible sign of things to come, the Central Bank of Bahrain has proposed changes to Volume 4 of its Rulebook (investment firms), revising the authorisation module, drafting a new module on digital financial advice and adding a chapter on cyber security risk measures, as well as adding to Volume 4’s glossary. The new cyber security chapter is a complete rewrite of the existing regulation and goes into detail on areas including accountability and responsibility, roles and responsibilities, and policies and procedures. Licensees providing internet services are required to test their systems twice a year – and to report the findings to the CBB within two months. These tests must be conducted by external, independent security professionals, such as ethical hackers. The proposed rules – which currently apply only to investment firms – are available on the CBB website in the ‘open consultations’ section.

For more details, please read here or contact Srikant Ranganathan at srikant.ranganathan@keypoint.com or Rayan Britto at rayan.britto@keypoint.com