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Keypoint has been offering trustee and trust administration services – previously in collaboration with an international fiduciary service provider – since 2008. We focus on private investment undertakings, real estate investment trusts (REITs), investment funds, escrow services, employee benefit trusts and charitable and family trusts for clients ranging from high-net worth individuals and family groups to leading banks and charities.

Our broad range of trust services – from employee ownership and incentive schemes to the establishment of family trusts and succession planning for family businesses – are tried and tested. Our experienced, multi-lingual team – backed up by over 90 professionals in the wider Keypoint team based in Bahrain – continue to support the development of Bahrain as a key provider of trust services.

Private investment undertakings (PIUs) are investment funds initiated by – or offered to – high net worth individuals or institutional investors with a minimum initial investment of US$3 million. In Bahrain, although the CBB regulates PIUs, its role is limited to processing PIU registrations and gathering statistical information related to PIUs. Keypoint’s experienced trust team has helped establish a number of PIUs and is therefore well-placed to act as a sponsor.

A real estate investment trust (REIT) is an investment vehicle designed to acquire, hold, administer, manage and sell income-generating local and foreign real estate assets, either directly or indirectly. Designed to generate wealth both through capital growth and income return, REITs tend to appeal to investors looking to diversify into property to receive regular income. Keypoint’s experienced trust team supports a range of REIT services, from the establishment of the trusts to ongoing compliance with local and international regulations and leading practice.

Investment funds are used to collectively purchase securities – giving investors the comfort and inherent advantages of working as a group – while each investor retains ownership and control of their own shares. Keypoint’s experienced trust team has helped establish a number of investment funds under a trust structure – both in Bahrain and across the region – and leverages that experience to provide customised services to clients.

Trust restructuring

Creditors’ trusts are increasingly used to assert control of – and monetise – assets where businesses are restructured and any remaining resources are assigned to creditors. Having acted as the creditors’ trustee in the restructuring of one of the region’s leading asset managers and financial institutions, Keypoint Trust can oversee the appointment of an asset manager to:

  • Monetise remaining assets
  • Distribute cash to creditors as and when received
  • Prepare operating and compliance reports
  • File tax returns
  • Assist with litigation and regulatory matters

Bahrain regulates a number of employee benefit trusts, including employee stock option plans (ESOPs). With certain unique features, ESOP implementation can become complex when transfer of share ownership is subject to conditions imposed by company constitutions or national law.

With our in-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations, we have helped many clients to effectively structure their ESOP to achieve stated objectives. We develop the rules, terms and conditions of the plans and assist in obtaining regulatory approvals, as well as administering plans on an ongoing basis, providing independent management and oversight for the comfort of both sponsors and beneficiaries.

Our experience team of trust specialists have established charitable and family trusts for clients ranging from high-net worth individuals and family groups to leading banks and charities. Our dedicated team offers flexible solutions for a wide range of trust transactions, from establishing trusts through distributing earnings to trust dissolution.

Keypoint has acted as a trustee on the local and international issuance of sukuk and bonds. Our trust team leverages this experience for the benefit of new clients.

Nandakumar Narasimhan
Senior Director
Mubeen Khadir
Senior Director