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At Keypoint, we are committed to helping clients achieve their goals by providing the highest quality, commercially-focused legal and business advice. Our unique approach – working seamlessly with clients to provide innovative solutions – is enhanced by our willingness to challenge existing thinking and push boundaries while remaining compliant with local laws and leading practice. We are registered as a professional body with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (MOICT).

Our services include:

Establishing a legal structure that is efficient, appropriate and acceptable is critical to a successful business. At Keypoint, we draw on our wealth of knowledge and experience to provide the information clients need to make an informed decision. A range of legal structures are currently available.

We can compare these legal structures, outlining their advantages and disadvantages, capital structures, ongoing regulatory obligations, and maintenance costs to enable clients to choose the most appropriate business structure.

Our SCA team also helps businesses to restructure where an original legal structure is no longer fit for purpose, reorganising legal, ownership and operational structures in response to growth or some other significant change. This includes reviewing existing business structures and recommending optimal structures which are better aligned with the needs of the business.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has a sound and comprehensive regulatory framework, designed to facilitate the establishment and ongoing operations of various business activities. Activities requiring prior government approval include financial services and insurance providers, manufacturers and health-care, education and engineering services providers.

While the financial services industry is regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), other activities are regulated by one or more governmental authorities. We advise clients of required approvals, help make contact with relevant authorities, and liaise with regulators when applying for approvals.

Our experience and established contacts give clients access to complete and accurate information and offer the direction needed to expedite the process.

Bahrain’s financial services industry is regulated by the CBB, widely acknowledged as the region’s leading regulator. Its licensing requirements are comprehensive, rigorous, and generally aligned with other global financial centres. We have worked closely with the CBB to secure licenses for many of Bahrain’s financial institutions, including Islamic and conventional commercial, retail and wholesale banks; insurance companies; and investment and investment advisory firms.

Based on our experience and extensive knowledge of CBB regulations, we advise on the most appropriate license category for your business and on each category’s requirements. The strength of our relationship with the CBB optimally places Keypoint to file applications and liaise with the regulator.

Company memoranda, articles of association and similar constitutional documents need to comply with the regulator’s requirements. Having established numerous companies over the last 12 years, we can quickly draft documents for all types of businesses that meet regulatory requirements and accelerate approvals.

While English is accepted as Bahrain’s language of business, certain statutory records, including a company’s constitutional documents, must be maintained in Arabic (with an option to include an English translation). Many of our professionals are bilingual and are well-versed in preparing legal and other documents in both Arabic and English. We offer in-house expertise and the highest level of confidentiality.

Our team is well-versed and experienced in all the formalities of the incorporation process. With an office at the heart of the Bahrain Investors Centre and strong relationships with key decision makers, we complete the incorporation process smoothly and quickly.

For a business to be successful, it needs to adapt. Our range of services addresses all corporate amendments, including share transfers and increases or decreases in share capital, as well as changes to business activities, directors, registered office addresses and other constitutional documents changes, in accordance with the BCCL.

As Bahrain increasingly emphasises corporate governance principles, legal and administrative frameworks which maintain an open economy conducive to economic growth continue to evolve. We interact closely with the regulators to keep abreast of changes to legislation affecting businesses in the Kingdom. Keypoint can advise on all of the statutory obligations for your business, at inception and ongoing, whatever the nature of your business. By outsourcing your governance needs to Keypoint, key decision makers can focus on core competences and meeting company objectives.

Our broad range of services allows us to provide dedicated resources to carry out company secretarial responsibilities, specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Our SCA team supports successful board activities – including ensuring board meetings comply with regulatory requirements – by:

  • Advising on the structure of the board of directors and the roles of executive and non-executive directors
  • Advising on board charters
  • Advising on directors’ roles, responsibilities and accountability
  • Assisting with convening board meetings and executive committees, as and when required, including preparing and circulating notices, agendas and minutes
  • Preparing board resolutions for signing
  • Administering formalities regarding changes in directors and authorised signatories
  • Maintaining statutory registers, including registers of shareholders and debenture holders and directors’ interests
  • Maintaining governance pack for each financial year, containing all resolutions, minutes, registers and company details
  • Advising shareholders of their right to re-elect board members

Our SCA team supports successful shareholder meetings by:

  • Advising directors of the correct procedures for convening shareholders’ meetings
  • Assisting with convening shareholders’ meetings (including annual general assemblies), such as preparing and circulating notices, agendas and minutes
  • Filing required documentation with the relevant authorities
  • Assisting with replies to enquiries from regulators

From time to time, shareholders may decide to discontinue activities and liquidate a company. Liquidation tends to be a lengthy process that involves liaising with regulators and a range of company stakeholders. Keypoint can advise on all the formalities required by local laws and regulations. We can act as the liquidator and complete procedures and formalities.

Real estate development is a core economic activity in Bahrain. Bahrain permits non-citizens to own properties in certain locations. As a result, there is a high volume of transfers of ownership of properties. Dealing with authorities to finalise transfers can be time-consuming. Our SCA team has the experience and expertise needed to facilitate and accelerate this process, liaising with the various government authorities to complete transfer formalities.

Although English is the language of business in Bahrain, there are often occasions when organisations need important documents translated quickly and confidentially into and from Arabic. Our multi-national team of translators, based both in Bahrain and in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, efficiently provide seamless translations of a wide variety of commercial and personal documents.

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Senior Director
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Executive Manager