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We help clients evolve their corporate processes to meet current market demand and achieve both short- and long-term goals. We draw upon a deep corporate pedigree that has the required diversity, proficiency and experience to move clients toward their corporate requirements, enabling them to focus on achieving their strategy and realising their goals.

Our range of leading-edge management consulting services includes:

Effective business plans can be a significant contributor to long-term business success, helping to secure finance, prioritise efforts and evaluate opportunities. Leading practice suggests that business plans should include detailed, carefully-evaluated information on a business’ profile and its vision, mission and goals. Based on relevant, up-to-date market research, it should detail an organisation’s operational strategy, analyse the strengths and weaknesses of its products and services, and critically examine both its marketing and financial strategy.

Keypoint’s management consulting team helps develop roadmaps that move clients towards their optimal destination in the most efficient manner.

We help to identify unique sales points and other differentiating qualities. We use our market-leading financial expertise – as well as unique tools developed in conjunction with our IT advisory consultants – to help forecast financial success, as well as possible contributors to financial failure.

Some regulatory approvals require submission of a business plan by the promoters of the business, including market studies and financial projections. Our consultants, with their breadth of market knowledge and depth of experience and skills, help clients document business plans that meet the requirements of, and facilitate reviews by, regulators.

Our management consulting team has developed a range of business plans for organisation across the MENA region in a wide variety of economic sectors.

Feasibility studies are often the most efficient way of assessing the expected value and viability of a potential business venture. They enable businesses to fully assess a project’s long-term potential by identifying the strengths and weaknesses involved and how, in both the short- and long-term, business models are affected before investing. Keypoint’s market-leading team helps clients answer vital questions, such as:

  • Have we addressed all possible scenarios?
  • Is the project financially viable?

This helps avoid some of the costly mistakes that can be made during project execution and operation, builds a common understanding of fundamental drivers, and suggests project viability. Once this is determined, paths to success can be identified and prioritised.

Policies and procedures significantly impact business success, especially in growing and expanding organisations. Strong policies and procedures aligned with leading practice help encourage consistency across an organisation’s functions, reduce costs, guide existing employees and accelerate learning for new employees.

We strive to develop close relationships with clients, enabling us to identify control frameworks and unique business factors and benchmark these against current leading practice and regulatory requirements. We combine vast experience and deep local knowledge, enabling us to recommend policies and procedures that can be adopted for the medium- to long-term, helping clients avoid the need for frequent reviews and revisions.

Keypoint’s regional footprint empowers us to deliver market research and a wide variety of other relevant surveys in Bahrain and the wider MENA region. We work with our IT consulting consultants to customise research and analytical tools, swiftly delivering work products.

Impact assessment studies are constructed around “what if” scenarios, helping to identify key business drivers and assess how a specific activity may impact an organisation. We have assessed impacts for clients from governmental ministries and major global corporations to market-driven SMEs operating on a local or regional geography.

A business valuation is the process of determining a business’ economic value and can be used to determine the fair value of a business for a variety of reasons, including raising debt or equity, preparing for a future full or partial sale, or establishing partner ownership. Business valuations help stakeholders determine the actual value of a business in terms of market competition, asset values, and income values.

There are a number of different business valuation models that can be used, including asset-based approaches, earning value approaches (such as capitalising past earning and discounted future earnings), and market value approaches. Our management consulting team begins valuation engagements by identifying both standards of value – fair market value, investment value or intrinsic value – and the premise of value – whether a business is a going concern, an assemblage of assets, an orderly disposition.

Due diligence is a critical step in the evaluation of a business or an asset for acquisition, helping ensure clients have access to the full range of information needed before making a purchase decision.

Due diligence should be both systematic and comprehensive, including:

  • The status of an organisation
  • Full financial information
  • A list of assets including real estate and intellectual property
  • Information on key employees
  • Product and service lines – including products and services in development
  • Customer analysis

The process can be extremely resource-intensive, particularly where due diligence is not a core competence for a business.

Our professionals have worked on a number of due diligence engagements and leverage that experience to develop the tailored approach that clients need.

Many business failures stem from an inability to execute strategy in a lasting and effective manner. As a strategy articulator, we examine corporate strategy in granular detail, down to the last link in the chain of execution. This gives us – and clients – a clear pathway to success. We are then well-positioned to assist clients in implementing action plans and monitor their strategic progression.

Listing companies in Bahrain falls under the purview of the Central Bank of Bahrain’s (CBB’s) Capital Markets Supervision Directorate, the Bahrain Stock Exchange and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (MOICT). Our experienced advisors have a deep understanding of eligibility and application requirements. In addition, we can liaise with regulators on your behalf to lodge a listing application and complete the formalities.

With rules interpreted, administered and enforced by the Bahrain Bourse, the BIM provides an innovative capital raising platform for growing companies and is an alternative equity market for mature local and overseas companies seeking a listing. Keypoint has been licensed as a BIM official sponsor since the BIM was launched in 2017.

Our approach and methodology are tailored to meet client requirements, helping lead companies towards a successful listing. We focus on developing a complete understanding of client requirements, readiness and timing before applying to BIM.

We help clients understand the challenges of listing, assess the impact of those challenges, explain how systems and processes will have to change and ensure compliance with BIM regulations.

By getting the planning process right, you are more likely to list successfully and less likely to incur damage to finances or – perhaps more seriously – reputation. We provide full assistance, support and guidance throughout the listing process, using the blended knowledge and experience of our professional consultants.

Local and foreign firms have consolidated their regional position by taking over Bahrain-based institutions, particularly in the financial services industry. M&A transactions involving Bahraini-listed entities are governed by the takeovers, mergers and acquisition (TMA) module of the CBB’s rulebook.

Critical strategic growth decisions require thorough advisory and due diligence – on both sides – to enable a successful transition from valuation to exchange to negotiation to completion. Our team’s experience and customised approach helps clients, on either the buy or sell side, assess deals, maximise value and facilitate deals. Having been involved with recent M&A transactions, we advise clients on TMA rules and requirements, as well as other r

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