Institutions have to operate in a changing environment where the requirements and people who support, in the delivery of business, keep changing on a continuous basis. To ensure consistent quality, organizations have to ensure that the requirements and how to perform tasks are continuously communicated to its stakeholders. Learning and continuous education program have become a cornerstone of modern enterprises to achieve the above goal.

With the evolution of technology and prevalence of internet, social media and mobile technology, eLearning or learning using technology as a platform has become an industry standard. eLearning assists in reaching all stakeholders and provides them a learning environment that is consistent and at the same time personal. eLearning has also evolved to become interactive and communication can now be bi-directional between users and the instructors.

Keeping the above in mind, Keypoint has designed an eLearning platform that is consistent with the latest technology and can be used to deliver industry leading training and knowledge courses to all stakeholders in your organisation.

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