Name :
Mukund Ballal
Designation :
Email :
Telephone :
+973 1720 6813
Area of Expertise :
Financial regulatory compliance

Mukund leads Keypoint’s Financial Regulatory Compliance services.

Prior to joining Keypoint, Mukund was a Snr Advisor with the BIBF and associated with BBK as a Consultant/Advisor to implement their FATCA structure/framework. He was Executive Consultant and trainer with Bekker Compliance Consulting Partners, Los Angeles in the US, and has 37 years of experience in commercial, retail and wholesale banks; covering compliance, AML, FATCA, corporate governance, treasury, trade finance, bullion banking, credit risk management, international banking, etc.  Mukund has over 10 years’ experience in Regulatory Compliance, Anti Money Laundering, Risk and Corporate Governance and he is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) as well as Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).

Mukund facilitates the creation of advisory services for banking areas of AML, FATCA and Corporate Governance as well as overseeing project implementation for core banking, AML, fraud, and compliance and FATCA. He enjoys international exposure with a sound understanding of banking practices, systems and controls environment, establishing policies and procedures, its review, analysis and assessment.

Mukund has a PhD (Physics), Master of Science, and Diploma in Business Management from Nagpur University, India, with professional certification CFE and CAMS. He published several research papers in international journals and is Chairman of Statutory/ Regulatory Compliance Committee’ of Bankers Association of Bahrain.

Mukund conducts seminars/trainings on corporate governance, AML, FATCA, Basel II (Credit Risk Management and ICAAP) and insider trading etc and speaks at international workshops/seminars. He develops risk based approach and risk matrix on regulatory requirements and participates in board/audit/management committee meetings. Mukund leads fraud and money laundering investigations and coordinates with Central Banks, Financial Intelligence Units, Prosecutors and other agencies.